Proprioception: Puppy Gym (for breeders)

$247.50 (tax incl.)

Do you want to give your puppies the best start in development? Then this amazing workshop is for you. Sam Turner brings us her much acclaimed Puppy Gym workshop tailored to breeders and what you can do to help your puppies.

A mix of theory and practical, this workshop will cover:

  • The development of dogs in the puppy phase.
  • How do skeleton, muscles and brain develop?
  • What does that mean training and socialisation wise?
  • What is important in this phase to provide the best start in developing bodies and minds?
  • What is proprioception and how do we make use of this during the puppy phase.
  • Different ways to challenge pups and how these challenges influence development.

You will participate in practical exercises which teach you and your pups to experience the challenges set for them and look at motor skills for people and pups. You will also observe body language of the pups to learn when a pup is getting tired or when they are unsure of something their owner is asking them to do.

Presenter: Sam Turner
Duration: 1 day
Date: Sat 10 March
Time: 9 am to 4pm
Cost: $247.50 (inc. lunch and refreshments)
Venue: The Arena

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