Human & Canine Proprioception

This is it! Your 1 and only chance to learn from our 2 international presenters together in this unique 1 day event. Sam Turner & John McGuigan will bring together their fields of expertise to present for us this 1 of a kind event... Read More

Dealing with Aggressive & Reactive Behaviours - 2 day Workshop

Join John McGuigan, The Glasgow Dog Trainer, one of the world’s leading trainers working with dogs who display aggressive or reactive behaviour, and:.. Read More
by colleen

Hyper Dog to Calm - 2 day Workshop

This course delves into the common misconceptions about ‘impulse control’ and its relevance to ‘hyper’ dogs. Does a hyper dog have poor impulse control or have inappropriate hyper behaviours which led to the dog getting what it wanted, thus repeating the behaviour?. Read More
by colleen