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Website Policy, Payment & Refund, Terms and Conditions

This website, and the information contained with it, is owned by 3B Animal Events Management.

Your access to the website and information it contains is the subject to these policies, terms and conditions (‘the Terms’), and by using this website you agree to be bound by the Terms.


  • “Website” means the whole or any part of the website pages, including the layout of the website, graphic design elements of the website pages, underlying code elements and any text, graphics, sounds, animated elements or other Content of the website.
  • “Content” means all of the content featured or displayed on the Website, including, but not limited to, text, graphics, photographs, images, moving images, sound, illustrations, data, files, other information and software.
  • “You” refers to any person who uses the Website or, if a person using the Website is doing so in his or her capacity as an employee or representative of someone else, then it refers to that employer or principal as well.

Intellectual Property

The content displayed or provided on the Website belongs to “3B Animal Events Management” and is protected by copyright, trade mark and/or other intellectual property laws in Australia and elsewhere. Your right of access to the Content, which is governed by the terms and conditions of the Terms, does not grant you any Intellectual Property Rights to the Content.

Unless otherwise expressly stipulated by “3B Animal Events Management”, you may only use the Website for your personal use and may only print or make an electronic copy of information available on the Website for that purpose. You must not sell or otherwise commercially exploit any information made available on the Website.

If you breach any of these conditions, then (without limiting your other liabilities) your authorisation to use the Website automatically terminates and you must immediately destroy any downloaded or printed materials.

Terms of Us

In using this Website you agree:

  • not to disrupt or interfere with any other user’s enjoyment of the Website
  • not to upload, post or otherwise transmit any viruses, malicious computer code or other harmful files through the Website
  • not to disrupt or interfere with the security of or otherwise cause harm to the Website.

“3B Animal Events Management” does not warrant the accuracy, completeness or currency of information that is made available through the Website, and will not be liable for or in connection with any loss or damage arising from any inaccuracies, errors or omissions in information made available through the Website. However, “3B Animal Events Management” will endeavour to ensure that information is updated as soon as practicable when it becomes aware that material changes have occurred.

“3B Animal Events Management” makes no warranty that your access to, or use of, the Website or the functions contained on the Website will be uninterrupted or error free, that any defects will be corrected or that the Website or the server which stores and submits Content to you via the Website is free of viruses, malicious computer code or other harmful files transmitted on or through the Website.

Use of the Website is at your own risk. Subject to the Terms, you assume full responsibility and risk of loss resulting from your downloading, use of, or access to the content or other material on or through the Website.

The Website may contain links to external websites operated by third parties. Such websites are not under the control of “3B Animal Events Management”, and “3B Animal Events Management” cannot accept any responsibility for the contents of any third party sites.

Privacy Policy

‘3B Animal Events Management collects general information on visitor viewing patterns for statistical purpose. ‘3B Animal Events Management’ will not sell or give any information on visitor viewing behaviour to a third party, unless required to do so by law or legal process.

As a client of ‘3B Animal Events Management’ we have a duty to you to keep all information strictly confidential.

We collect your personal information to assist us with providing the best possible service. We may collect details to provide you the option of receiving our updates, newsletters, blog posts, publications, processing of orders and to invite you to classes, workshops, events offered or hosted by ‘3B Animal Events Management’.

The kind of information we would generally collect are, your name, phone number, email and address. We collect your information directly from you.

There may be occasion where your information is disclosed to a third party that we engage to perform administrative or other services. Such disclosure will be on a confidential basis.

Your information will be provided to a third party directly (sponsors) directly involved in any events held by ‘3B Animal Events Management’. This information will be given to sponsors of events held or hosted by ’3B Animal Events Management’ for the purpose of providing attendees with specials on products or services or information relating to the sponsors business. ‘3B Animal Events Management’ will only provide your full name and email address, no phone numbers or addresses will be provided to anyone outside of ‘3B Animal Events Management’.

Payment & Refund Policy

‘3B Animal Events Management’ have and will continue to taken great care in attracting quality presenters that can raise the knowledge level of the companion animal industry and may provide a qualification.

As we are active in the companion animal industry we also know that if is often difficult to pay up front up with the funds to attend such a coveted event as the ATS and therefore we will be offering you the opportunity to create a payment arrangement for your course/s, where the total amount exceeds $500 AU.

Please contact 3B Animal Events Management directly to arrange this option.  Email only [email protected], please do not call directly.

We are happy to be flexible with the start date of your payment arrangements but the full balance must be paid within 60 days of the date of the event.

There are limited numbers to some of the events in particular those that hold a qualification opportunity, please select your courses carefully as refunds will not be provided.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that a session is cancelled or postponed by 3B Animal Events Management, the following will occur.

  1. alternate session time will be offered.
  2. the opportunity to attend another session to the same value will be offered; or in the event that you have interest in another session of greater value, the monies already paid can go to another session; where the value of a alternate session is less 3B Animal Events Management will refund the difference.
  3. if a session is to cancelled in it’s entirety a refund will be offered by 3B Animal Events Management, but only payable after the event has been held.