Human & Canine Proprioception

$350.00 (tax incl.)

This is it! Your 1 and only chance to learn from our 2 international presenters together in this unique 1 day event. Sam Turner & John McGuigan will bring together their fields of expertise to present for us this 1 of a kind event.

‘Human & Canine Proprioception’

Building relationships is all about being a partner in a dance!

What’s it all about?

John & Sam will create the opportunity for us to learn to enjoy a better relationship and greater communication with our dog and be more aware of our individual part in the dance/dialogue.

What will you learn?

Let’s uncover how our own body language and muscle tensions influence our dogs.

As handlers you will learn about your own body awareness and control through learning various exercises. Sam & John will guide you to teach your dog body awareness and looking at how your dog’s body moves. Learn which signals they are showing to say they are ‘ok’ or not ‘ok’ with something.

Couple your new learning together and discover how you can both start moving in sync and understand each other better to develop a balanced partnership.

As trainers you will gain the opportunity to have more insights into what elements are important, relevant and key to people and their dogs understanding each other more clearly. Enhance your skills in reading body language, muscle tension, weight distribution in both dog and handler and strengthen the relationship of dog and owner.

Working Spots

Maximum of 8 working spots, dogs need to be in a crate or lay down calmly on a mat, please no barking dogs. They must be sociable with dogs and people.

To secure a working spot please download and complete the questionnaire, expect a response in 24-48 hrs with approval and purchase your ticket.

Inclusions: Morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch is included, please let us know a week in advance of the course for dietary requirements.

Presenter: Sam Turner & John McGuigan
Duration: 1 day
Date: (VIC) Friday 29th March, 2019
Date: (WA) Friday 5th April, 2019
Start Time: 9am
Finish Time: 4.30pm
Cost: $350 incl
Venue: (VIC) Batman Royale, Coburg
Venue: (WA) Swan Valley Adventure Centre, Middle Swan

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