Hyper Dog to Calm - 2 day Workshop

$500.00 (tax incl.)

What’s it all about?

This course delves into the common misconceptions about ‘impulse control’ and its relevance to ‘hyper’ dogs. Does a hyper dog have poor impulse control or have inappropriate hyper behaviours which led to the dog getting what it wanted, thus repeating the behaviour?

In this course you will learn strategies to manage and train alternative behaviours.

Hyper Dog to Calm is ideal for owners or trainers who are working with issues such as jumping up, barking, grabbing toys, refusing to let go of their toys.

Owners have the opportunity to train their dog with one of a leading international trainers.

Trainers have the opportunity to watch how John McGuigan conducts consultations for such owners and ask questions.

How will it be presented?

This workshop will have lots of hands on practical learning – with working spots available so you can have your own dog learn with John McGuigan, or you can audit all the sessions and soak in the learning.

Working Spots are available on application only and will have specific conditions that will need to be met to ensure the safety and welfare of all human and canine participants. If you wish to apply for a working spot, please download the form and forward to [email protected]

Applications will be assessed on order of receipt until the maximum number of dogs is met.

PLEASE NOTE: Your dog must only be present for your individual working spot. This means that, if you wish to audit the rest of the sessions, you will need someone else to transport your dog to and from the venue for that individual session. Dogs will NOT be crated at the venue as we wish to make the workshop experience as positive as possible and minimise inappropriate dog/dog exposure.

This workshop is ideal for….

The Thinking Trainer – who desires to examine and question ‘impulse control’ and the common labels we have for describing problem dogs.

The Business Owner or Organisation – this knowledge could give you an edge that others in the field are missing by implementing strategies to reduce some behaviours which could have led to a dog being surrendered in the first place. Learn how a leading trainers works with clients to great results.

Dog owners – Does your dog jump up and bark and lunge in what can be described as “hyper”?, This workshop will give you a better understanding of the problem behaviours. You will view your dog in a more compassionate light, see that the issue is not with the dog but rather that they just need to be shown a different way and that your dog will show better behaviours as a result.

Inclusions: Morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch is included, please let us know a week in advance of the course for dietary requirements.

Presenter: John McGuigan
Duration: 2 days

Dates: (VIC) Saturday 30th March and Sunday 31st March 2019
Dates: (WA) Saturday 6th April and Sunday 7th April, 2019
Start Time: 10am
Finish Time: 4 pm

Cost: $500 Incl
Venue: (VIC) Batman Royale, Coburg
Venue: (WA) Swan Valley Adventure Centre, Middle Swan

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