The Power of Proprioception - Building Confident and Healthy Dogs

$250.00 (tax incl.)

Do you want a confident dog with great body awareness, focus, balance, strength, co-ordination with great motor-skills?

Do you want your dog to be the best and healthiest he or she can be?

Proprioception may be a long word that ties your tongue in knots, but it is also the way you can have a powerful impact on your dog’s future.

Proprioception training can
– Prevent injuries in your dog and help them recover from old ones?
– Maintain your agility dog as a strong and fit athlete?
– Help your shy dog become confident and body aware?
– Teach you to read what your dog’s body is telling you?
– Develop your dog to its full potential

Join the lovely Sam Turner, Proprioception Specialist from the Netherlands as she introduces you to the world of proprioception and how it can help you and your dog.

Sam’s wide range of skills and knowledge will bring a unique flavour to your experience as she breaks down each component, teaching us what to look for and how to adjust what we are doing for the specific dog in front of you?

In this course you will learn:
– Proprioception training: what is it?
– What type of exercises do we use?
– Age specifics: is body development taken into account?
– How can you implement proprioception training in your classes and everyday?

This course is designed for trainers and thoughtful handlers. With this one day course you will be more aware of what is happening in a dog’s body and what to look for to use proprioception training safely and effectively.

Presenter: Sam Turner
Duration: 1 day
Date: (VIC only) Saturday 30th March, 2019
Start Time: 9am
Finish Time: 4.30pm
Cost: $250 incl
Venue: (VIC) Batman Royale, Coburg, Melbourne

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