Puppy Gym for Classes

$250.00 (tax incl.)

‘The greatest gift we can give any puppy client is a confident start to life’

Trainers and vet nurses, this one has your name all over it!

Discover how to combine proprioception so you can offer structured classes that provide age appropriate exercises and challenges for your pups and their owners.

Present these challenges and you will develop confidence in your owners and provide self confidence, balance, body awareness (proprioception) coordination and the skill of concentration to the puppies in your program.

You will be able to teach your owners about puppy gym, what it is, what it does. How a young pup develops and what is needed for the pup to develop through exercises/challenges that stimulate the development of neural pathways. You will learn what to look for and what a puppy is telling you through the exercises you will be learning.

Not only will be you be offering classes that help build confident puppies but you will be offering a class that will be different from the regulars and make you stand out from the crowd!

Your classes will focus on developing the bond between pups and owners using exercises/challenges that support a pups development. This format is fun and informative for both puppy and owner whilst being very effective for developing well adjusted, both mentally and physically young pups who may potentially navigate our society much easier.

Inclusions: Morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch is included, please let us know a week in advance of the course for dietary requirements.

Presenter: Sam Turner
Duration: 1 day

Date: (VIC) Tuesday 2nd April, 2019
Start Time: 9am
Finish Time: 4.30pm

Cost: $250 incl
Venue: (VIC) Batman Royale, Coburg, Melbourne

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