Puppy Gym Workshop

$120.00 (tax incl.)

‘Providing puppies with the best start in their development’

If you desire to give puppies a great ‘leg up’ in their development then this amazing workshop is for you.

Sam Turner brings us her much acclaimed Puppy Gym workshop for pet dogs, breeders right through to sports dog and the conformation arena.

Learn to create challenges that are appropriate and that will have your pup working on coordination, balance and proprioception – body awareness. Develop trust, confidence and therefore, your relationship as a whole.

As a handler you will learn about the developmental stages of a puppy, to help you create challenges that are appropriate for the development stage of your puppy and in turn will enable you to better guide and assist their progress

Working Spots

Maximum of 6 puppies, aged between 12 – 24 weeks of age with a completed vaccination status is required. No particular basic training requirements but should be okay with new environments. Puppies should be crated or able to lay on a mat, no barking issues.

Please download a working spot application, we will approve within 24-48 hrs for you to purchase your ticket.

Inclusions: Afternoon Tea

Presenter: Sam Turner
Duration: Half Day

Date: (VIC) Sunday 31st March, 2019
Date: (WA) Saturday 6th April, 2019
Start Time: 1.30pm
Finish Time: 5.30pm

Cost: $120 incl
Venue: (VIC) Batman Royale, Coburg
Venue: (WA) Middle Swan

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