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John McGuigan

John is a qualified dog trainer and instructor for The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) who also runs a successful dog training business and has given well received workshops and courses both in the USA and Europe. John has been running Positively Excellent Dog Trainers workshops along with his colleague, Clare Russell, for the last year which have proven hugely popular with dog training enthusiasts wanting to learn more.

John has a particular gift and interest in dealing with aggressive and reactive dogs, and his high success rate speaks to his qualifications in doing so. We are excited to advise that John will be presenting a workshop on reactivity and aggression which will be of great benefit to trainers, owners of reactive dogs, veterinary professionals, groomers, rangers and other dog professionals.

However, John is also interested in the human element of dog training; change what the human does, change how the dog behaves. This is applied with a partnership approach, teaching the human about the dog’s needs, working with the dog’s natural behaviours rather than against them. Dog trainers and dog enthusiasts alike will be enjoy learning and developing from John’s unique perspective to dog training.

Welcome John McGuigan, Glasgow Dog Trainer and Behaviour Consultant to the Animal Training Symposium, Perth WA, March 2018

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