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Sam Turner

Sam Turner (Netherlands) – Business Owner – Paws4fun, Professional Dog Trainer, Proprioception Specialist and Co-Author of ‘Your Dog Mentally and Physically Balanced For Life.’

What is proprioception? It’s about teaching our puppies and dogs to be aware of their bodies. To develop good motor skills, balance, strength and flexibility.

Why do I need to learn about proprioception? Dogs that are self-aware and have good motor skills are more self-confident and teaching proprioception to a less confident or anxious dog can teach these dogs to be more confident in themselves and their handlers.

Who wants to learn more about Proprioception? Canine enthusiasts, breeders, dog sporting specialists, veterinary professionals, dog training professionals or hobbyists who are keen to reduce the risk of injury and increase fitness as well as general physical and mental wellbeing for any dog.

Sam graduated in Ethology at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands, then specialised in dog behaviour and training. For the past 6 years she has established her own dog training centre ‘Paws4Fun’. Sam is now a sought after presenter throughout Europe, training and educating other canine instructors on the subject of proprioception.

Sam has co-authored and published a series of books alongside Martine Burgers, well known Dutch Osteopath, entitled ‘Your Dog Mentally and Physically Balanced for Life’.

We are pleased to announce that Sam will be offering a number of courses whilst presenting at the Animal Training Symposium. Amongst those is her popular 5 Day Canine Proprioception Instructors course, positions for this coveted qualification will be limited.

We welcome Sam Turner to the Animal Training Symposium, Perth WA, March 2018